6 in. 2,300 GPM Diesel Trash Pump

Model: AP6ATB

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Product Description

Multiquip ActivPrime automatic priming pumps are the perfect choice to tackle demanding detwatering challenges such as sewage by-pass, general construction, emergency response, mining operations, and indsutrial applications.


Max Flow2,300 GPM
Max Head110 ft., 47.6 PSI
Suction Lift28 ft.
Max Solids3"
Max Water Temp200° F
Max Casing130 PSI
Mechanical SealGrease lubricated
ManufacturerJohn Deere
TypeTurbo Diesel
Power49 HP at 2,800 RPM
EPA TierTier 4 Interim
Fuel Capacity50 gal.
Fuel Consumption1.75 GPH at 1,800 RPM
Operating Time28 hours at 1,800 RPM
Compressor Type1-cylinder, gear-drive
Compressor Output8.5 CFM


  • Automatic dry priming & re-priming design - utilizes efficient environmentally safe engine driven compressor/venturi priming system.
  • High efficiency dynamically balanced closed Impeller design - made from strong 65-45-12 Ductile Iron with rear-equalizing vanes. Reduced axial loading improves performance and prolongs seal and bearing life.
  • Compact pump end - hardy 3/4" Class 30 cast iron pump casing withstands pressures up to 195 psi. Shaft manufactured of 4340 alloy steel with 416 stainless steel shaft sleeve. Drive system requires no bearings, reducing failures and service requirements.
  • Grease lubricated mechanical seal - simplifies service and provides positive lubrication of tungsten carbide rotating and silicon carbide stationary seal faces
  • Pump body clean out ports - multiple, convenient entry ports on the pump casing and discharge valve assembly permit easy service access.
  • EARTHSmart eco-friendly prime system - the highly efficient dry-priming design utilizes an engine-driven compressor/venturi priming system to prevent 'blow-by' of waste and sewage by-product.
  • Fuel efficient design - The priming system, closed impeller, and high flow discharge valve provide 28 hours of operating time at 1,800 RPM / 39 hours at 1,600 RPM. A 50 gallon fuel tank features fuel gauge, strainer and locking fuel cap.
  • Heavy-duty support jack stands - all trailer mounted pumps include (5) adjustable outrigger jack support stands.
  • Galvanized hose couplers - 6" diameter ANSI suction and discharge Bauer hose fittings for secure hose operations.
  • Industrial battery - heavy-duty 175 amp hour / 990 CCA. Mounted in a lockable frame.
  • Proven power plant - a John Deere 4024T 4-cylinder diesel engine provides on demand power and fuel efficiency. This turbo-charged, water cooled direct injected engine produces 49HP at 2,800 RPM.
  • Full control panel - ensures accurate monitoring and safeguards during pumping operations. The following gauges and alarm devices are installed: engine oil pressure, tachometer high water temperature, hour meter, volt meter, battery charge lamp, and glow plug indicator.
  • Industrial DOT / NHTSA certified trailer - ensures safe towing, surface stability, and long term support of the pump. Trailer includes electric brakes with break-away switch, lashing rings, four stabilizing stands and one top wind swivel jack.

Equipment availability may be limited and rental rates are subject to change without notice. Taxes and additional costs and or fees, such as refueling, Loss and Damage Waiver, and delivery are extra when applicable. All terms and conditions of the Rental contract will apply. If you have any questions, please contact us at (405) 743-4400.